Learn To Play Tons Of Banjo Song Using A Small Handful Of Useful Chords

  • How to play the basic “I IV V” chord progression.
  • The 2 must-know secrets to having your chords ring out open , clear and true.
  • What if you could switch chords without thinking about it, or even looking at your hands? This is a huge key to getting over the learning curve.
  • Want to play thousands of songs? The trick is mastery over chord progressions and being able to go from any chord to any other chord.
  • How to play major and minor chords all over the neck. It’s a fun learning process that starts turning you into a banjo master.
  • How to own an encyclopedia of chords in your mind, without buying a big fat chord big or getting lost in boring theory.
  • How to combine banjo rolls with the chords — this is where you really start making great music.
  • What you need to know if you want to sound great playing live with a band.


  • Just follow this one piece of advice and watch your speed increase week after week.
  • Create tangled, tangy colorful melodic lines using the “harmonized 6ths” pattern. Don’t worry, its a lot easier than it sounds.
  • The secret to playing in any key you want, without memorizing any additional chord shapes. This will blow your mind!

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